How We Make Custom Leather Patch Hats

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Our complete process for crafting custom leather patch hats. We hope you enjoy the read and enjoy your custom leather patch hats!

We use a proven process and method for make custom leather patch hats. Like any product the materials used have a big impact on the finished product. This is why we only use premium leather purchased right here in America. The other products used in our process are made right here in America as well and mostly from the same traditional American  leather company.

After all the files are converted and prepped for cutting and etching on the laser machine we prep the leather. The first step is to mask the leather hide. This protects the leather and prevents the surface from being affected by any smoke released in the the etching and cutting process. After the patches are cut we remove all the masking, this can be very tedious depending on the level of detail in the logo file. Once the mask is removed we end up with a clean custom leather patch with clear crisp edges. Now the leather hat patches are ready to be sealed, we use a waterproof clear flexible solution designed strictly for leather. The provides a slight sheen and protects your custom leather patch from water and debris. This is a time honored proven leather sealing compound. Once the leather patches are cured they are ready to be applied to the hats. For this key step we use a timeless traditional cement specifically designed for bonding leather. This traditional compound has been around as long as leather and is the oldest proven method of bonding leather to other materials. It provides a flexible waterproof bond to the hat. One the the custom leather patches are placed on the hats they are left to cure and dry. And there you have, our process for making premium custom leather patch hats.

People ask about the integrity of the bonding agent. I can tell you it is better that any heat pressed compound other companies use. I have tried to remove a leather patch from a hat, it is EXTREMELY difficult to rip it from the hat. I am 6'2" and 240 lbs with big strong man hands. Struggling to remove the patch you end up de laminating the leather patch and leave the bonded layer of leather on the hat, that's how strong this traditional leather bond compound is. We have NEVER had a patch come off of a hat after hundreds of thousands of hats sold around the world.

Well I hope enjoyed the little read and gained some insights into our meticulous process and how we make our custom leather patch hats. Thanks for stopping by and let us know if we can help with selecting custom hats and patches!